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Lemon OG Strain

Lemon OG, also known as “Lemon OG Kush,” is an indica-dominant marijuana strain. Anything this skunky indica-hybrid lacks in longevity, it makes up for in speed. A cross between the mythical Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and The OG #18, Lemon OG provides users with a quick-acting sleepy head sensation. While Lemon OG has inherited a skunky aroma from its kush relatives, this particular strain is mild tasting and pleasant smelling with fruity undertones. Lemon OG tends to feel more psychoactive than other members of the kush family, but still offers a heavy, medicated feel. The strain is great for stress relief and increasing appetite. These plants usually flower in 8-10 weeks.

Once upon a time, cannabis was so hard to get that users were grateful for whatever they could find. The outstanding ‘sinsemilla’ marijuana we enjoy today was rare. Instead, users received weed with lots of seeds and stems and much less THC than today. As a result, considerations such as the ‘taste’ of a strain didn’t matter so much.

Fast forward a few decades, and things are completely different. Marijuana is now extremely prevalent in the U.S. The stiff competition between breeders means they must produce cannabis that provides an epic high AND also tastes fantastic. Lemon OG is a prime example of what happens when the breeders get it right.

What Is the Lemon OG Strain?

It is a slightly-indica dominant hybrid that’s a cross of OG #18 and Lemon Skunk. Also called Lemon OG Kush or Presidential Kush, this strain provides a delightful lemony taste and scent. DNA Genetics, a breeder founded in 2004, created Lemon OG and has earned several awards for its efforts.

Users say that any negative vibes that surround them dissipate once Lemon OG gets to work.

The intoxicating high becomes noticeable within minutes. Moreover, it only takes a handful of tokes to get the desired effect. Initially, you may feel euphoric and happy. Users say that any negative vibes that surround them dissipate once Lemon OG gets to work. There is also a chance that you will experience fits of giggles. As a result, you might find it useful before heading out for a sociable evening.

Once the body high takes over, you will feel completely relaxed and at ease with yourself. If you are out, it is best to make plans to get home before the body buzz becomes too potent. Lemon OG doesn’t tend to cause couch-lock amongst experienced users. However, if you overindulge or have a low THC tolerance, you’ll find it hard to fight off the heavy-limbed feeling.

It is also a good idea to have snacks to hand because Lemon OG cause can spike the appetite.


Lemon OG is a marijuana strain with a striking scent. The potent citrus and lemon notes hit your olfactory system immediately after opening the bag. The large quantity of terpenes is apparent as the sweet citrus combines beautifully with hints of skunk and kush.


This is a strain that doesn’t disappoint in the taste department. There is a creaminess to the lemon taste that makes Lemon OG a sensational smoke. You may also get herbal and spicy notes that titillate the tongue. The sweet lemon dominates the palate upon the exhale. Overall, this is one of the best-tasting cannabis strains on the market.


This strain has an extremely high calyx to leaf ratio, which is expected given its intense taste and smell. Lemon OG’s leaves may appear yellow at first glance; such is the paleness of the green coloring. It has sticky white trichomes and orange pistils that make this an alluring strain from an aesthetic standpoint.

Lemon OG Cannabis Strain Grow Info

This isn’t the best strain for first-time users, but Lemon OG does offer lots of potential for novice growers. It is possible to get feminized and autoflowering Lemon OG seeds easily online. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance strain that still provides a reasonable yield, Lemon OG is ideal.


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