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Fire OG Marijuana Strain

Fire OG Marijuana Strain is widely regarded as the most potent strain of the OG Kush family. It gets its name from its vibrant colors and fiery appearance. Due to its potent effects, it is unsuitable for novice cannabis consumers.

If you’re searching for the quintessential evening time marijuana strain, then Fire OG may be the one for you. This hybrid is believed to have been bred in southern California during the 1990s.

Due to its relatively high THC content, Fire OG is more suited to seasoned cannabis cannasseurs. Furthermore, this strain does have some side effects (discussed below), so even advanced cannabis consumers will need to proceed with caution.

If you want to give Fire OG weed a shot, you’ll probably want to start out easy and build from there – waiting at least an hour to see how you actually feel.

With Fire OG weed, you’ll get your money’s worth as the high typically lasts up to three hours. And with a generous THC content, a little certainly goes a long way, leaving both you and your wallet happy.

Keep on reading our complete Fire OG review to find more about this smoking hot strain.

Fire OG Marijuana Strain Review: The Basics

Fire OG is considered to be the most potent strain of the OG Kush family. It’s a cross between two potent and world-renowned OG strains, namely, San Fernando Valley OG Kush and OG Kush.

The Fire OG strain is believed to have been bred originally in the San Fernando Valley sometime during the 1990s. However, its exact origins are not 100% confirmed.

This potent marijuana strain is not for novices or those with a low tolerance for potent strains. Be warned – Fire OG packs a legitimately hard punch. Classified genetically as an indica-dominant hybrid strain, Fire OG has a 70:30 indica to sativa ratio.

Fire OG’s initial effects are cerebral, euphoric, and uplifting. In contrast, Fire OG’s later effects are more sedative in nature. They are often accompanied by couch-lock and complete body/mind relaxation.

Fire OG will leave you in a pleasant and stress-free state. If you don’t want to find yourself falling asleep in the middle of the day, though, we advise not to consume Fire OG weed until the evening (right before bed is usually ideal).
Initially, it may feel as if this ganja isn’t bringing tiredness upon you. Still, after the first hour or so of the high, most report a serene laziness and drowsiness that kicks in, inducing healthy, natural sleep and a peaceful night’s rest.


Reeking of fresh citrus fruits and an earthy wholeness, Fire OG is as relaxing for the senses as a day spent soaking up relentless amounts of LA sunshine.


Fire OG’s flavor will send your taste buds wild, as they’re indulged with hints of spice and lemony citrus. This strain also has some pungent, earthy flavors with hints of pine and herbs.

Fire OG acquired its name from its outward appearance, and lives up to its blazing expectations.


Featuring potent, densely-packed buds with blazingly bright red and orange streaks, Fire OG is reminiscent of a rampaging California wildfire. Its pistils are long and curly and also consist of a burnt, vibrant orange. They add a tasteful accent to the overall appearance of the weed’s beautiful nuggets.

Finally, the buds look as if they have been dipped in a fresh coat of snow, glistening, and frosty. This heavy resinous coating of trichomes accentuates Fire OG’s more vibrant colors.

Fire OG Marijuana Strain Grow Info

Fire OG’s grow difficulty is rated as hard. So, just as Fire OG is unsuitable for novice consumers, it also unsuitable for novice growers. Bear in mind; there are plenty of marijuana crops with strong indica-dominant genetics that are much easier to grow.

In other words, if you’re just starting on your weed-growing voyage, you may want to choose something else other than Fire OG.

Fire OG is a particularly stubborn marijuana strain that demands grave patience and heavily controlled environments for proper growth. Also, this plant only produces moderate yields in return for all the extra effort, care, and attention.

If you are an experienced grower and are up for a serious pot-growing challenge, then read on. You can cultivate Fire OG weed both indoors and outdoors, with indoor methods being vastly preferable. However, if you live in a warm, sunny, Mediterranean climate, then this strain will also thrive outdoors.

Boosting Your Yield

To achieve higher yields from a Fire OG plant, cultivators need to be knowledgeable about feeding dosages and schedules. Soil-based nutrients can be tricky; therefore, growers may be better off growing Fire OG hydroponically. OG genetics respond best when fed a high level of nutrients. Experienced growers recommend Calmag and phosphorous especially.

If you are growing Fire OG inside, be sure to leave enough space for plants that reach a medium height. You will need to prune and top your Fire OG plants for the best results. It is also vital to make sure your indoor environment is warm enough, with adequate lighting solutions. While Fire OG plants can tolerate slightly cooler temperatures, the optimal range is between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Fire OG plant is particularly susceptible to mold, so it is vital to keep this plant dry. This is why most Fire OG growers opt for indoor growing, to protect their plants from adverse weather conditions.

Flowering and Harvest

The flowering time for Fire OG weed is usually around 9-10 weeks, with outdoor harvest occurring around mid to late October. To ensure your buds become gloriously resin-coated, wait the full ten weeks before removing the colas. This will make sure that they have a chance to develop completely.
When grown indoors, Fire OG’s typical yield is around 14 ounces per square meter. Outdoor Fire OG growers can expect a slightly higher return of 15 ounces per plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

In terms of its cannabinoid profile, well, Fire OG’s THC levels have quite a broad range. While some samples have shown a THC content as low as 16%, others have been recorded as high as 27%. However, these two figures represent the extreme ends of the range. Most Fire OG strains will have a THC content approximately between 18-24%. This THC range certainly qualifies Fire OG as a heavy-hitting strain – even when compared to some of the most potent strains on earth.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The Fire OG strain is not renowned for having a high CBD content. The highest recorded CBD content in a Fire OG sample is believed to have been 0.2%.

Medical Benefits of Fire OG Marijuana Strain

Fire OG has been moving mountains in the medical marijuana community. Due to its potent effects, it may help to ease the symptoms of a range of conditions, symptoms, and ailments. Some of the conditions that Fire OG consumers say it is useful for include chronic stress, depression, insomnia, or anxiety disorders.

Fire OG’s initial euphoric effects may offer temporary relief for medicinal consumers with depression. As this strain’s indica genetics induce deep relaxation, it may be useful for people with chronic stress and anxiety.

If you are treating a medical condition with Fire OG, however, it is probably best to microdose – particularly for those who suffer from THC-induced anxiety.

Fire OG consumers also say that it’s useful for alleviating more physical conditions like chronic pain, migraines, and joint pain. This strain also has soporific effects in its latter stages, which may be helpful for people with insomnia.

Edibles, concentrates, live resin, candies, gummies, shatter, hash, and more all contain ultra-potent doses of THC. So, if you’re looking for something potent, search for varieties of these consumables made from the Fire OG strain.
Medicinal consumers also say that this strain has antiemetic properties, which may make it useful for alleviating nausea.

Possible Side Effects of Fire OG Weed

Fire OG marijuana is exceptionally potent and hard-hitting, even for a seasoned cannabis consumer. Those who are new to cannabis should be warned that dizziness, leading to increased anxiety or paranoia, are common. As already mentioned, Fire OG is not suitable for novice consumers. Even experienced consumers are advised to take only one hit at a time. That way, you can see how you tolerate this strain’s potent effects.

Fire OG consumers say that this strain can lead to THC-induced paranoia. If this happens, then remember to breathe deeply – close your eyes and tell yourself that it will soon pass. This can help to calm down the mind and ease the nerves.
Fire OG’s more common side effects include cottonmouth (dry mouth), and dry, itchy eyes. These are manageable by using eye drops and drinking plenty of hydrating fluids before, during, and after consuming Fire OG.


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