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Buy NYC Diesel Online. As the story goes,

the NYC Diesel strain originates from a bag seed that Soma came across while living in New York.

Many people will say that the seed was a phenotype of Sour Diesel, but it’s possible that it was actually the original

Diesel strain or another strain with a similar terpene profile.

With that being said,

Soma is rumor to have cross this bag seed with Shantibaba‘s popular Afghani X Hawaiian male plant.

I found the NYC Diesel strain to produce an energetic high that will be great for exploring a city

It seems to speed up the brain and make it race with ideas, making it the perfect choice for artists

After medicating with the NYC Diesel,

I will expect it to be a solid choice for patients in need of some serious stress relief.

This strain can be Stoney – it may be best reserve for weekends or vacations

when you don’t have much physical work to do.

NYC Diesel strain

Bred by Soma Sacred Seeds,

NYC Diesel (or Soma Sour Diesel) is a 60% Sativa-dominant cross between Mexican and Afghani landraces.

This strain provides strong cerebral effects that ease into a deep, full-body relaxation over time.

A pungent lime and grapefruit aroma is the mark of a high-quality batch,

like those that won this strain five Cannabis Cup trophies in the early 2000s.

NYC Diesel’s happy, talkative qualities make this hybrid a good choice for social activities

and many anxiety-prone consumers praise it for its paranoia-free effects.

I found the NYC Diesel strain to produce an energetic high that will be great for exploring a city

The genetics of the NYC Diesel strain is believe to be a Sativa-dominant mix of Sour Diesel, Afghani, and Hawaiian.

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The NYC Diesel strain has been the go-to morning strain for me the past few days.

This batch smells just like the Sour Diesel strain, but with more of sugary sweetness to it.

The vapor is smooth and leaves a pungent gassy after-taste that is similar to that of cookies.

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This hybrid classic from American soil doesn’t have to be introduce anymore.

The NYC Diesel seeds produce a Sativa-dominant (60%) cannabis plant.

It’s a cross between the well known Sour Diesel and Afghan / Hawaiian.


Together with the Chemdwag and the OG Kush, the NYC Diesel feminize seeds are one of the best-selling cannabis seeds in the United States.

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